The Number Thief: 8X Facts

a halloween visit (page 13 of 13)

My parents came back,
From their trip to the mall,
I told them the story,
Theif’s costumes and all…
They didn’t believe me,
The truth they refused,
Said trick or treat candy,
Had made me confused…
I told them, I’d told them,
The honest whole truth,
Ask the brown unicorn,
Who lives on our roof!
They both shook their heads,
And put me to bed,
Said I’d be eating
Fresh fruits instead,
fresh fruits
Too much sugar was bad,
Candy’s forbidden!
They slammed closed my door,
And there I was hidden…
There in the dark,
Halloween night,
And then what I saw,
Gave me a fright,
When I looked at my clock
To check on how late,
All the numbers were there,
Except for the 8…
clock missing 8

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