The Number Thief: 8X Facts

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I pulled the thief down,
From up on my ceiling,
He didn’t know me,
Or with who he was dealing,
I knew my math facts,
And math facts always lead,
To defeat of the thief,
And his number thief greed…
I kicked out the thief,
And sidekick, the parrot,
I gave them a treat,
A rotten, brown carrot…
carrot rotten
Now leave me alone,
You’re not very cool,
Gotta’ finish my homework,
So I can pass school…
Thief looked at his carrot,
And changed to vampire,
Tried one last time,
To raise the stakes higher…
He grabbed at my door,
Before I could close it,
Said 88,
Anyone knows it?
I looked at vampire,
Sharp teeth? He had seven,
I told him 88,
Is 8 x _____

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