The Number Thief: 8X Facts

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The thief changed again,
A pirate who loots,
pirate sword
Had a pet parrot,
Eye patch, and black boots…
Just like the thief,
Parrot wore an eye-patch,
parrot pirate
And now they were both,
Trying to snatch,
My homework from me,
To ruin my work,
So teacher would think,
I was some sort of jerk…
I looked at the parrot,
On bad thief’s left shoulder,
It started to talk,
Like a big rock’s called a boulder….
The parrot, it said,
I like 32,
A multiple of 8,
Do you know it too?
I looked at the parrot,
I looked at the thief,
I stared down that pirate,
I felt some relief…
32’s so easy,
I opened my door,
32 is just equal,
To an 8 x _____

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