The Number Thief: 8X Facts

a halloween visit (page 1 of 13)

It was 7 O’Clock,
It was 8,
It was 9,
And things weren’t great…
It was actually midnight
October thirty-one,
And things were real bad,
Halloween wasn’t fun…
My parents had gone,
To an all-night mall sale,
To buy a thief-trap,
It was shaped like a pail…
halloween pail
Yes, my parents had left,
For the big shopping mall,
They’d taken my cousin,
And my great uncle Paul,
They’d taken my rabbit,
My gerbil, and gecko,
dancing gecko
They’d left me alone,
With only my echo…
I was scared, I was nervous,
I was feeling so sick,
I’d heard footsteps outside,
Was it the thief?
Coming this late?
I’m sure that it was,
Like 8 x 1 equals ______

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