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The Number Thief: 5X Facts

The 5's multiplication facts (page 1 of 12)

I was in my own bedroom,
Or was it the den?
I was writing with crayons,
crayons in a box
Or was it a pen?
What I remember?
Almost nothing at all!
My parents were out,
They’d gone to the mall,
I was home all-alone,
A drink in my cup,
cup sippy cup
Hoping the thief,
Wouldn’t show up!
Number thief was a small,
A small little man,
Who would steal all my numbers,
I wasn’t his fan!
He’d come to my house,
Like 10 times a year,
For each of the 5 years,
We’d been living right there…
How many times had the number thief come to my house in all?

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