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The Number Thief: Even and Odd Numbers

recognizing even and odd numbers (page 1 of 9)

I think it was cold,
I think it was hot!!!
I think it was raining,
I think I forgot…
But what I do know,
And what I remember,
Number Thief was missing,
Since early September…
september calendar
Without the thief,
Life had been good,
No one stole numbers,
Like nobody should…
But there I was working,
At home all alone,
Doing math homework,
Should it be known…
My parents had gone,
To the mall otra vez,(again)
And they’d taken the cat,
And my brother, Cortez…
To buy a fence,
To keep out the thief,
So he couldn’t steal numbers,
And cause me more grief…
But as I was sitting,
And adding up sums,
I heard a strange sound,
Bang my eardrums…
I turned around quick,
And screamed out,
Who’s there?!!!!!
But nothing talked back,
Except empty cool air…
I knew this was strange,
Like a daughter named Todd,
I knew this was strange,
Just like 7 is _____

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