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The Number Thief: Adding Tens

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Ben was crying in fear,
Like a big, big, big baby…
But I knew who it was,
At least I knew maybe…
But then I was sure,
Because thief,
He jumped out,
From behind the drawn curtains,
Like juice from a spout…
He flew at us quickly,
Like a too, too mean hawk,
He grabbed at our notebooks,
Before we could talk!!!
He screamed some strange stuff,
He flew all around,
And he muttered just this,
Before he hit the cold ground…
I want all the numbers,
You count to by ten,
10, 20, 30,
I’ll say it again!!!
20, 30, 40,
They’re really quite nifty,
I’ll take your 50,
And next I’ll take _____

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