The Number Thief: 4X Facts

Thanksgiving multiplication: The 4's multiplication facts (page 5 of 13)

Thief burst through my door,
And laughed a mean laugh,
He ran to my homework,
Where I’d written my math!
He looked up at me,
And down at the floor,
I’m taking all numbers,
That are multiples of 4!
“Don’t take my math numbers!”
Is what I did yell,
I need all my numbers,
Like skunks have bad smell…
He smiled, he smirked,
He grabbed my math sheet,
Ripped off a 4,
With his number thief feet,
He ate up my 4,
He was pretty uncool,
Now I would fail,
Math class at school!
The thief screamed out 40,
Then screamed 40 again,
I told thief,
40, is 4 times _____

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