The Number Thief: 4X Facts

Thanksgiving multiplication: The 4's multiplication facts (page 4 of 13)

I peeked through the peep-hole
I wanted to hide!
The ugliest man,
On the door’s other side!
Thief said,
“Let me in,
I wont steal a thing,
Today I say thanks,
A gift I did bring…
Some cranberry sauce,
Some sweet pumpkin pie,
pumpkin pie photo
Just open the door,
Let me say hi….”
Then I made a mistake,
For which I would pay,
Figured nobody would steal,
On Thanksgiving day…
So I opened the door,
I trusted the thief,
That was real dumb,
Like Wendy’s has beef,
He was always a thief,
And Number Thief stole,
All the year round,
That was his goal…
This was the thief,
That would not let me be,
jail cell
He’d been in jail 12 times,
Which is 4 x _____

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