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The Number Thief: 4X Facts

Thanksgiving multiplication: The 4's multiplication facts (page 2 of 13)

I was home all alone,
On this thanksgiving morning,
And what happened next,
Should have been a real warning…
police light
I was doing math homework,
And it wasn’t too easy,
It was due the next Monday,
And I was feeling quite queasy…
I’d heard a soft sound,
A knock on my door,
No, it was really a banging,
That was shaking the floor..
I was scared, I was crying,
I was filled up with fear,
I remembered the thief,
Had said he’d be here,
The day we say thanks,
Like the pilgrims of old,
pilgrim with turkey
He’d come to steal numbers,
Like some fishes are gold…
goldfish cracker
I cried out 8 tears,
What could I do?
I cried out 8 tears,
Like a 4 x _____

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