The Number Thief: 4X Facts

Thanksgiving multiplication: The 4 multiplication facts (page 13 of 13)

When my parents came home,
From their trip to the mall,
They wouldn’t believe,
What I told them at all,
“The thief came to my room,
To steal numbers again,
He came to steal numbers,
Like ink’s in a pen…

I answered his questions,
He turned to a bird,
It’s the truth that I’m telling,
I’ve given my word…”
My parents both smiled,
Told me to rest,
The Thanksgiving dinner,
That I would digest,
Would help me to stop,
Trying and trying,
To make up weird stories,
Would stop me from lying…
They closed my room’s door,
And told me to nap,
But when I looked at my clock,
I was shocked by a zap!
When I looked at my clock,
That was up on my shelf,
All the numbers were there,
Except 4, 8, and 12…
clock missing 4, 8, and 12

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