The Number Thief: 4X Facts

Thanksgiving multiplication: The 4's multiplication facts (page 11 of 13)

Thief turkey was angry,
I’d answered him right,
He tried to fly high,
But couldn’t reach flight..
I grabbed a big pot,
silver pot
I thought I might bake him,
Stuff him with stuffing,
Or cheese, or some bacon…
Thief screamed again,
He looked full of fear,
He screamed 44,
He made it quite clear…
I giggled and laughed,
From my head to my toes,
I giggled until milk,
Shot out of my nose!
44 you say,
That’s like totally easy,
Like 44 beach days,
So sunny and breezy…
The answer you seek,
And I’m really real sure,
44 is always
times 4 _____

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