Hey there, this is the story of Ted The Thanksgiving Turkey, That’s me, and it’s my story about a thanksgiving dinner that happened long ago.
It’s also a Thanksgiving dinner that I just didn’t want to be a part of- at least not looking up from a plate…
Oh yeah, the story has a few math challenges thrown in at the end of each chapter just to keep things interesting. So grab a pencil and get ready to put in your best effort. Hope you enjoy the tale and here we go!

Chapter 1: The Chase

Thanksgiving is really a fun day,
Thanksgiving is really quite great,
But for turkeys like me that say gobble,
We’re running before we get ATE!

A long time ago I was pecking,
Seeds from the ground in the sun,
When I heard hungry pilgrims were coming,
I knew it was time to go run!

The pilgrims screamed,
“We wanna'’ eat you!”
And Squanto screamed,
“I’ll eat you too!”
I told them that nobody eats me,
Their dinner would have to fall through!”

Which would cost you more, and which do you consider a better deal?
16 pounds of chicken @ 96¢ /pound, or 18 pounds of duck @ 84¢ /pound

Chapter 2: Caught
The hunters were getting too close, 
I wished I could really fly far,
But turkeys just aren’t good fliers,
So I jumped in my friend’s sporty car!

I raced from the town they called Plymouth,
I tried to escape it alive,
But then I remembered some bad news,
Turkeys don’t learn how to drive!

I unbuckled my seatbelt so quickly,
And jumped out the driver's side door,
But then it was too late for running,
The hunters had caught me for sure!

They threatened to stuff me with stuffing,
Tears came to my 2 turkey eyes,
They said they would eat me with gravy,
Cranberry and 3 pumpkin pies!

If you need 15 pumpkins to make 5 pumpkin pies, 
how many pumpkins would you need to make 25 pumpkin pies?

Chapter 3:Cooked
They brought me straight out to the kitchen,
They turned up the fire real high,
I was screaming at all those mean hunters,
I refuse to bake, boil, or fry!

They wrangled me into a big pot,
A horrible, terrible sight,
The water was boiling quickly,
Was this really my last turkey night?

The kitchen became very quiet,
I peeked out and looked all around,
I saw a small boy and his sister,
And waved without making a sound...

The girl said,“I like this turkey,” 
The boy said,“I like it a lot.”
They turned off the fire completely,
And pulled me right out of the pot!

This turkey's our favorite pet!
This turkey’s new name is now, Ted,
They dressed me right up like a pilgrim,
With a hat that fit tight on my head…

If I thanked the boy and girl 36 times an hour for the next 24 hours,
how many times had I thanked them for saving my life?

Chapter 4: Happy Thanksgiving
They took me straight out to the table,
The adults, they weren’t too glad,
What did you do with our dinner?
Asked Squanto who sounded so mad...

This is our turkey called Ted,
He’s the favorite pet that we own,
And we’ll never let anyone eat him,
We’ll keep him here right in our home…

I had my own chair at the table,
My food sitting there on my plate,
Veggies, and stuffing, and gravy,
This thanksgiving was gonna’ be great!

And that’s why I love each thanksgiving,
And that’s why I’m thankful each year,
To have such a wonderful family,
That loves me and treats me so dear…