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My Dog Division

I knew it was really,
A silly decision,
To get a new dog,
And name him
common core math poem
Division ain't average,
Like other ole' mutts,
He doesn't eat food,
No ands, ifs, or buts...
He doesn't eat food,
He never does chew,
He lives on his quotients,
They keep him full too...
The first day I gave him,
4-biscuit treat,

I came home that day,
He'd had nothing to eat!!
He'd divided his treats,
2 equal parts..
2 treats in each pile,

My dog had math smarts!!
The next day, I placed out,
More and more biscuit,
9 treats in his bowl,

A lot, but I'd risk it...
But when I returned,
He'd eaten not one,
3 piles of 3,

Division was fun!!!
I shouted and shouted,
Division...go eat!!!
I screamed,
And yelled,
I would not take defeat!
I put 36 pieces,
Of savory steak,
By his dog bowl,
And left him a cake...

But when I returned,
Had he eaten the beef?

6 piles of 6...
How would his teeth grow?
The cake was all gone,
And that's the sweet-truth,
I think,
Has a sweet-tooth...
Division, I said,
What are we gonna do?
If you keep finding
There won't be a you!!!
We must travel down,
Some other pet-path,
Division is learning,
Some new types of math!!!

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Math Challenges
Can you think of other ways dog Division could have arranged the 36 pieces of steak in to equal piles?
What do you think dog Division would have done with a pile of 13 dog treats?
If dog Divsion had made 8 piles of treats with 7 treats in each pile, how many treats did Division start with?

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