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So What?

'Wally So What,'
'So whated' the world.
Nothing seemed special or fun...
'So whated' fresh flowers,
True love, and rain showers,
The speed at which cheetahs can run...
So what!
Don't care!
Big deal! No fun!
Is all that Wally could utter...
'So whated' ice cream,
'So whated' grape jelly,
And all types of peanut-y butter!
peanute butter
'So whated' the moon,
And Saturn and Mars,
'So whated' the honey of bees..
'So whated' the wind,
The sun, and the sea,
The height of the tallest, green trees...
Teach pointed out,
A beautiful bird,
"So what!" was what Wally did say...
I don't care now,
I won't care then,
"So what!"
Is all he could say...
So what that I'm 30,
So what that I'm 50,
So what that I'm 80 years old...
I don't care if anyone cares,
So what if it's made of pure gold!!"
Wally grew bitter,
And got very mean,
And woke up early one day...
sun set
He looked out his window,
And liked what he saw,
But didn't know quite what to say...
 Instead of
'so whating,'
He started to cry,
Instead of "who cares!"
He wiped his two eyes...
He'd seen the beauty,
Of the morning's first light,
The early red, sunrise,
Had conquered the night...
It made him feel warm,
He wanted to stay,
But it was too late,
I'm sorry to say...
Wally'd '
so whated,'
His whole life away...






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