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Division Pigeon

There was a young girl,
Whose first name was Meg,
Who had a pet-pigeon,
That perched on her head...
The pigeon, it nested,
Up in Meg's hair,
And laid
16 eggs,
For which it would care...
The eggs were all oval,
The eggs were all warm,
But eggs in a girl's hair,
Wasn't the norm...
But Meg liked the eggs,
And loved her pet pigeon,
Kept them all there,
An easy decision!
One day,
Pet pigeon,
Felt sort of sick,
Couldn't sit on those eggs,
Needed help quick!
So Meg called her mother,
And friends for support,
Pigeon-egg sitting,
Would be their new sport!
Now she had
3 friends,
With mother there too,
To help sit on eggs,
What should they do?
16 eggs,
4 people,
Ready to care,
For eggs that were sitting,
Up in Meg's hair...
She asked her pet-pigeon,
'Cause Meg's math wasn't fine,
For the number of eggs,
For each person to mind...
But the pigeon was ill,
And besides feeling bad,
She had no math-pencil,
And had no math-pad...
Should we add?
Or subtract?  
Or should we
Meg and her pigeon,
Couldn't decide...
"Divide!" screamed Meg's mother,
"Divide!" screamed her friends,
Meg handed the pigeon,  
Some paper and pens...
But something went wrong,
There under the light,
The pigeon's division,
Just wasn't right...
So Meg started to work,
To solve the division,
Finally, she came,
 To a proper decision...
It's exactly
4 times,
I remove groups of 4,
Before there's none left,
Before there's no more...
So Mama got
4 eggs,
4 for each friend,
16 whole eggs,
To which they would tend...
But after all that,
The very next day,
This is what happened,
I just have to say,
Meg's pigeon felt better,
She was over her bug,
She gave
16 eggs,
A kiss and a hug...
She took back her eggs,
And got in her nest,
On top of Meg's head,
Where life was still best...

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