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Number Thief 4X
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I was home all alone,
On this thanksgiving morning,
And what happened next,
Should have been a real warning...
police flasher
I was doing math homework,
And it wasn’t too easy,
It was due the next Monday,
And I was feeling quite queasy…
I’d heard a soft sound,
A knock on my door,
No, it was really a banging,
That was shaking the floor..
I was scared, I was crying,
I was filled up with fear,
I remembered the thief,
Had said he’d be here,
The day we say thanks,
Like the pilgrims of old,
He’d come to steal numbers,
Like some fishes are gold…
goldfish cracker
I cried out 8 tears,
What could I do?
I cried out 8 tears,
Like a 4 x

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