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Array Race

Lesson: Array Race
Goals: develop facility with multiplicative arrays, multiplication facts, and the concept of area.
Grade level: 3-4
Grid Paper (at least 20 x 25 boxes)
Two 9 (or more) sided dice
Colored Pencils


1. First player rolls two dice.

2. Numbers rolled are used as sides of a rectangle (multiplicative array), which is drawn on the grid paper.

3. After array is drawn, rectangle is colored in with a chosen color, and the multiplication sentence is written inside the array in pen.

For example, if the player rolls a 3 and 9, a 3x 9 rectangle is drawn.

      3 X 9 =27      

4. Second player rolls the two dice and draws their array on same grid paper.

5. Play continues until one of the players rolls an array that will not fit in an empty space on the grid paper.

6. Players add up the total squares (area) of their arrays and the player with the higher total wins.

Notes: By varying the size of graph paper, and the number of sides on the dice, this game can be differentiated for students at many levels.

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