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Math and Literacy

By combining math and literacy, math stories can help open up the 'world of math' to students with a wide range of learning styles.The word problems encourage logical thinking and help students practice getting information from written text. I often have students read the stories aloud in class and then encourage them to solve the math problems on their own.

The Not So Great Pumpkin:
A Halloween math story with frightful multiplication...

This story is appropriate for 3rd-6th grade. The math is all double digit multiplication. The story has 10 mini-chapters (one page each) and the reading level is on the easy side. That said, for younder students, the math problems can be skipped and the silly Halloween story can be read on its own. Students should be able to work through this entire story in one 45 minute class period.
The Not So Great Pumpkin Read Along Video!
Halloween Song- Doubles + 1
Halloween Place Value Song to the Millions (and Trillions)
Halloween Math Challenges!
a variety of halloween math word problems for grades k-6
Number Thief Halloween Story:
This rhyming math story is appropriate for grades 3-5. This interactive stories takes a humorous approach to the 8 multiplication facts!
Place Value Poem- Music Video
A fun video that helps reinforce the fact that there's a ones, tens hundreds place in each period.
Halloween Skip Count by 5 Song
Skip count your trick or treating candy by 5's!
Trick or Treat Challenge:
A Halloween exemplar for grades 3-5
Halloween Place Value Poem
read a math poem about the thousands and millions!
Spooky Street Poem (adding 6 + 6)
a short halloween poem about adding 6 + 6
Spooky Street Music Video
Mr. R.'s halloween-themed song about adding 6 + 6
Ted, The Thanksgiving Turkey: Multiplication
For those of you who can't wait until Thanksgiving! This short story is appropriate for 3rd-5th grade. It focuses on number sense and multiplication skills.
math poems pumpkin