High School Geometry Powerpoint Lessons
created by Justin O'Brien

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Lesson 1 Undefined Terms
Lesson 2 Rays and Angles
Lesson 3 Polygons, Triangles
Lesson 4 First Postulates
Lesson 5 Substitution and Partition Postulates
Lesson 6 Addition and Subtraction Postulates
Lesson 7 Multiplication and Division Postulates
Lesson 8 Proofs with Postulates and Definitions
Lesson 9 Angle Theorems (part 1)
Lesson 10 Angle Theorems (part 2)
Lesson 11 Congruent Polygons, SAS Postulate
Lesson 12 ASA Postulate
Lesson 13 SSS Postulate
Lesson 14 Special Line Segments in Triangles
Lesson 15 Corresponding Segments and Angles
Lesson 16 Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
Lesson 17 Proofs with Congruent Triangles
Lesson 18 Proofs with Overlapping Triangles
Lesson 19 Proving Lines Perpindicular
Lesson 20 Proving Lines Parallel
Lesson 21 Properties of Parallel Lines
Lesson 22 Sum of Angle Measure in a Triangle
Lesson 23 AAS Theorem