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Chapter 7: A Challenging Puzzle

I think we only have half of the paper!" said Jenna.
Why do you say that?" aske Joe
Because 6/12 is equal to one half."
"Yeah, said Jake, we need another 6/12 before we have 12/12 or the whole paper. I bet the other half has the map!"
Just then, the strange bird flew over again and dropped three more pieces of paper. The trio ran and collected them.
“Mine says 6/24,” said Jenna
“I got 4/24!” yelled Joe.
“And I got 2/24,” said Jake.
But these have 24 in the denominator!" yelled Joe. How do we know if we got another half if they don't have the same denominator?"
Because a half is a half!" yelled Jenna, "it doesn't matter what the denominator is!"

Let's add them and see if they reduce to 1/2," said Jake

fractions to add

What did the students get when they added these fractions?
(reduce your answer to lowest terms!)

don't forget to reduce your answer to lowest terms!

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