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Chapter 4: A Puzzle to Solve

Joe picked up one of the pieces of paper and looked at it. The paper had writing on it. It said:

vil Cast


He looked up and shrugged, “What’s a ‘vil Cast?” Jake picked up another piece of the paper. It said:

Map to the E


“I wonder where the E is and why would we need a map to get there?“ asked Jake. Jenna shrugged and picked up the third piece. It said:

le of Math


“What’s a le of Math? This writing doesn’t make any sense…”
“Hey, maybe the 3 pieces go together! Maybe it’s some sort of puzzle,” said Joe.
“Yeah, but how would they go together?” asked Jake. The students looked at their papers again.
“Look, there are fractions written on the bottom of the papers,” said Jenna, and as she said it, the same strange bird flew over again and crowed,


“Well, there’s our clue,” said Jake and the students arranged the papers so that the fractions went from smallest to largest. They finally were able to read the message.

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