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I think I’ll ask my uncle Floyd,
About this shape called trapezoid,
He’s the one that’s good at shapes,
Like purple circles, oval grapes...
A squished up square shape,
A name that leaves my brain annoyed!!! 

Why can’t I learn this red shape’s name?
It was Monday’s math class aim!
I can’t remember trapezoid,
It leaves my brain in such a void…
panda in trapezoid  
Can you wear it like a cap?
Can it catch things like a trap?
sheetp in trapezoid cap
Flip it over- makes a boat, 
In the water it might float!
boat in moat
Trapezoid, A shape unique!
A definition's what I seek!
So what’s this shape called trapezoid?
Here are the words of Uncle Floyd...
Floyd the master of most math,
Pointed out the perfect path,
To names of shapes,
And guess what Floyd then said to me,
"Trapezoid, listen well, has 2 straight sides, parallel..."
That was it!
That was all!
8 short words,
Floyd had gall!
I couldn’t help but feel annoyed,
By quadrilateral,Trapezoid…

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides....also called trapezium...

Math Challenges
Is a square also a trapezoid? Why or why not?
Is this shape a trapezoid? why or why not?

trapezoid with 4 unequal sides

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