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2 Many 2 Much
(too many too much)

Tom was tormented,
By 2 many 2’s,
Totally troubled,
Terribly true...
2 bad guys,
2 black eyes,
black eyeblack eye
2 sour,
2 shots,
getting shotgetting shot
2 many,
2 much,
2 cold,
2 hot!!
I just want 2 go,
2 a place with no 2’s,
Where all of the 2's,
Are locked in 2 zoos!!
Sounds 2 good
2 good 2 be true,
2 be in a place,
Where there isn’t one 2

Math Challenges
When you count by twos, what number comes after 12?
If you have 16, and take away 2, two times, what number will you get?
If you get 2 cents each day for 22 days, how many cents will you have?
What's the difference between the words: to, too, and two?



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