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Tiny Baby Ant
(10 + 0)

Tiny baby ant,

And his auntie Bee,
Were having so much fun,
Climbing up a tree...
Tiny baby ant,
Saw some monkeys play,

11 monkeys,
On the tree today!
That's a lot of monkeys,
Said his Auntie Bee,
Are you sure there are
Let me count and see,
Auntie Bee then counted,
And only got to ten,
She checked her math a million times,
And 5 more times again!!!!!
She didn't get
Not even 9 or 8,
10 + 0 monkeys,

And not one giant APE!!!!!!!!!!
She turned to tiny ant,
"Count them one more time,"
He counted one by one,
And got one more than nine!

10 + 0 monkeys on the tree today,
10 fun-loving monkeys,
That really like to play!!!!!!!!!


Math Challenges
If there are 7 monkeys on a tree and 5 have bananas to eat, how many don't have bananas to eat?
If there are 10 monkeys on a tree, and 6 more monkeys come to play, but then 2 go off to have dinner, how many monkeys are left in the tree?
How many ears do 16 monkeys have?

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