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15, 30, 40 love,
This game is played,
Without a glove...
There’s no bat,
1 ball,
Got 1 net,
That’s not all
Played on grass,
Or on clay!
2 rackets,
tennis rackets
What I say!
1 court,
1 field,
With right angles,
Court is sealed...
2 serves,
Game, set, match,
Tennis time,
Is what you'll catch...

Math Challenges
If you bought your tennis racket on Wednesday, July 12, and you broke it 11 days later. On what day of the week did you break it?
If one tennis ball costs $2.35, how much does a can of 3 tennis balls cost? (there is no discount for buying 3)
If the net on a tennis court measures 42 feet wide by 3 feet tall, what is the area of the net?



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