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Sun Forgot to Shine
(adding 9 + 9)

One day the sun,
Forgot to shine,

"Busy adding
9 plus 9!"
Screamed the sun,
"I don't have time,
When I'm adding,
Nine plus nine!!!!!!!!!"
It got dark,
It got cold,

Then a girl,
Said these words,
To the sun,
And they helped,
"Listen sun,
It's plain to me,
We need your light,
So we can see!"

She told the sun,
9 and 9,
Every time!
Sun said, Yes,
Yes, you're right,
And turned on,
Its sunny light!!!

9 + 9 = 18

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Watch Mr. R.'s Music Video
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Math Challenges
If three girls are each 9 years old, how many birthdays have they had in total?
How many birthdays have the same 3 girls had exactly one year later?
Hold old will you be 9 years from now?

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Sun forgot to shine!



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