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Boo-Boos Chewed Shoes
(adding 8 + 2)

A puppy named Boo-Boos,
Chewed 1 + 1 blue shoes,
Those blue shoes that Boo chewed,
Surely made 2 shoes…
blue shoeblue shoe
She wants to chew more shoes!
Boo chose to chew 8 shoes,
blue shoeblue shoeblue shoeblue shoe
blue shoeblue shoeblue shoeblue shoe
Now calculate blue shoes,
Boo-Boos chose to chew!
Well 8 shoes plus 2 shoes,
Or 2 shoes plus 8 shoes,
Always make 10 shoes,
Always it’s true!

8 + 2 is always 10
(and please don’t chew your shoes!)

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Math Challenges
How many shoes would Boo chew if she chewed 8 shoes on Monday, and 9 shoes on Tuesday?
If 11 blue shoes are in a closet, how many pairs of blue shoes can you make?
If each shoe has 10 toes in it, how many toes would be in 10 shoes?

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