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Subtraction Limericks

Subtraction is something I try,
To remove what got caught in my eye,
It’s just take away,
At least that’s what they say,
It's working, but don’t ask me why…

Subtraction makes numbers too small!
Addition complained to a wall,
Things should be large,
Like trucks or a barge,
Giant, and heavy, and tall…

Subtraction finds,
What you might say,
The difference between numbers, hooray!
Between 7 and  9,
Is 2 every time,
I’m using subtraction today!

Subtraction is one type of math,
That puts me on a straight path,
To help me make change,
coins for change
That’s why it’s so strange ,
To incur my customer’s wrath…

Small squirrel strived for some action,
She decided to try some subraction,
Then she slurped up some seeds,
And burped as she sneezed,
A subtraction allergic reaction?

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