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Subtraction Cat

fat cat
A cat that was fat,
Liked to subtract,
Liked making small things go away...
One day she spied mice,
She treated them nice,
3 of them joined cat to play...
But then
1was gone,
And fat cat played on,
Playing with
2 little mice,
Until there was
And cat wasn't done,
Playing with cat,
Had a price...
Then there were none,
What had cat done?
She'd eaten the last little mouse...
Fat lazy cat,
Hadn't done that,
She'd brought them to play at her house...

mousefat catmousemouse

Math Challenges
If there are 11 mice eating cheese, and 9 of them run away, how many mice are left eating cheese?
If there were 8 mice in a field, and subtraction cat took 2 home each day for 2 days, how many mice would be left in the field?
If subtraction cat had 9 cat treats and ate them three at a time, how many times could she eat treats before there were no treats left?

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