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There won’t be any big surprise,
When numbers flash before my eyes,
Here’s a 4,
dice with 4
And now a riddle,
Add 1 more,
In the middle,
dice with 5
That's a 5,
Add another,
Get a 6,
You'll discover,
2 groups of 3,
Make a 6,
Count 2 threes,
Don't need tricks...
Take away,
1 set of 3,
3 are left,
dice with 3
Look and see...
2 look like,
Eyes of snakes,
dice with 2 dots
And Zero's E-Z,
dice with no dots
No mistakes!

Math Challenges
Practice subitization with your students! Use dice, counters, coins, and other objects to help students quickly recognize amounts!



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