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Square Numbers

4, and 9, and 25,
Laughed at 8,
They felt real wise,
Square numbers rule, was their rant,
We graph as squares,
And you can’t!
You think you’re cool,
8 laughed out loud,
My factors rock,
They do me proud,
8 x 1,
4 x 2,

Not boring squares,
Like all of you!

Square numbers are the product of a number multiplied by itself.
An exponent (the small number after the base number) shows how many times to multiply a number by itself:
52 means multiply 5 x 5
53 means multiply 5 x 5 x 5
Square numbers can be graphed as a rectangular array with equal sides, or in other words, a square.
For example,
2 x 2 = 4 3 x 3 = 9 5 x 5 = 25
a square with sides 2 x 2 and 4 boxes in middle a square with sides equal to 3, and an area of 9 squares a square with side of 5 and area of 25

Math Challenges
What is 72 equal to?
What number do you need to multiply by itself to get 139?
How many rectangular arrays can you find that graph to the number 36?


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