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Square and Circle

A square in dotted underwear,
square wearing colored underwear
Saw a circle sitting bare,
He offered circle underwear,
'Cause he had an extra pair...
Circle thanked the friendly square,
And took the square-shaped underwear,
Circle tried to pull them on,
But something happened,
What went wrong...
Square’s dotted pair of underwear,
square underwear
Had straight sides,
To fit the square!
Circle gave them back to square,
And thanked him for the extra pair,
She told the friendly, little square,
I think I need round underwear…
round shaped underwear

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Math Challenges
If a square's underwear has 4 sides each, how many sides would be on 3 pair of square's underwear?
If you took away one of square's sides, how many sides would he have?
Can you think of 5 objects that have a square shape?
If there are 14 squares boxes under a tree, and 8 of them are red, how many are not red?

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