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Monsters on my Shelf
skip count by 3

Monsters, Monsters,
Mostly scare me,
This one's bald,
bald doll
This one's hairy!!!
blue doll
There's never
blue monster
There's never
blue monsterblue monster
They come in
blue monsterblue monsterblue monster
It's what they do!!!
3, then 6,
9, then 12,
15 monsters on my shelf!  
Start with
blue monsterblue monsterbald doll
blue monsterblue monsterbald doll
/blue monsterblue monsterbald doll
blue monsterblue monsterbald doll
/blue monsterblue monsterbald doll/blue monsterblue monsterbald doll
Monsters scare me,
Every time!

Mr. R.'s count by 3's song!

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Math Challenges
If 3 monsters come to your room each night for 6 nights, how many monsters were there in total?
If you have 9 monsters and 3 leave the first night, and then 3 leave the second night, how many monsters are left?
If you start with 21 monsters, and 3 monsters come each night for another 10 nights, how many monsters do you have?

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