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Tweeting Twins
(skip counting by 2)

2 terrified twins, tweeted on twitter,
We’re trapped on the top of a tree!
Another 2 twins climbed quickly to help them,
Now there was one more than 3!

2 twins at the bottom wanted to help,
And climbed to the tree-top so high,
Now how many twins were stuck in the tree?
Hanging so close to the sky?

2 older twins, saw the 6 twins,
Stuck up in the branches like fruits,
And helped those twins down,
One at a time, to help them they wore climbing boots!

Now how many twins were there at the bottom,
What is the total amount?
3 twins from the top and a pair that saved them,
Make 4 pairs of twins we should count...

Whenever I'm counting things like 2 twins,
What is the math that I use?
If things come in pairs like twins on a tree,
I'll choose to use counting by 2's...

Count by 2's when you're counting pairs of things like twins!
2, 4, 6, 8,

Mr. R.'s count by 2's song!

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Math Challenges
If I count 9 pairs of thin twins on a tree, how many twins are there in total?
If there are 28 twins on a tree, and 4 pairs of them leave for lunch, how many twins are left in the tree?
If there are 36 thin twins in a tree, how many pairs of twins are there?

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