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4 Flying Fish
(adding 4 + 6)

4 flashy, friendly, flying fish,
6 silly, squishy, slimey, squids,
Gathered gobs of striped seashells,
To give as presents to their kids…
All four fish found one shell each,
green seashellgreen seashellgreen seashellgreen seashell
All six squids found one shell too,
gold seashellgold seashellgold seashellgold seashellgold seashellgold seashell
How many shells,
Were found in all?
6 + 4 is what you do!

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Math Challenges
If there are 7 fish, and each found 2 shells, how many shells would there be in total?
If 5 squids had a party, and 8 more squids showed up, how many squids would there be in all?
If there are 9 starfish at a party, and 6 leave, how many starfish are left at the pary?

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