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Miserable Martian
(subtracting negative integers)

A miserable martian,
Tried to subtract,
But got every answer all wrong,
Why was it hard?
To do the math problems?
Why were her faces so long?
(this martian had 2 faces)
The problem was,
She tried to subtract,
Integers all the same way,
And that's the reason,
She got them all wrong,
That is what led her astray...
She should know,
This little rule,
For negative number subtraction:
Change both signs to positive,
For positve reaction...

Remember, when you're subtracting negative numbers,
change the two minus signs to two plus signs,

minus a negative = plus a postive
- - changes to + +
5 - -5 = 10

Mr. R.'s
subtracting negative integers song
how to subtract negative integers!

if youtube is blocked, watch it here:
subtract a negative



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