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The Greedy Old Man
(adding negative integers)


A greedy old man,
Liked to add money,
To riches,
He hid in a pot...
He stole it from kids,
From puppies, and kittens,
He felt like a really big shot!
One day a young boy,
Tricked the old man,
A trick that was something quite funny,
He fooled the old man,
Who robbed the young boy,
Of negative integer money....
quarter with a minus twenty five cents on it
When greedy old man,
Added those coins,
He thought he'd really count more,
But found out his total,
Money amount,
Was less then he'd counted before!

When you add a negative number, your sum will get smaller

5 + -5 = 0

Mr. R.'s
subtracting negative integers song
how to subtract negative integers!

if youtube is blocked, watch it here:
subtract a negative



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