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The Lost Integer
Signed numbers on the number line


A tiny, little integer,
Lost on the number line,
Couldn't find her way back home,
No matter where she climbed...
She was number,
Negative 3,
And searching for her place,
On the massive number line,
She had to find home base...
She pestered positive,
To tell her where to start,
He told her
Knew the answer,
He was really smart...
Negative 3,
Asked the zero,
Sitting in the middle,
He gave an answer,
To the
That solved her little riddle...
Pointing to the right,
right arrow
Positives can play,
Negatives numbers,
To my left,
Each and every day...
left arrow

Mr. R.'s
subtracting negative integers song
how to subtract negative integers!

if youtube is blocked, watch it here:
subtract a negative



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