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Seven Snakes
(adding 7 + 3)

7 slithering,
Sharp-toothed snakes,
SNAKEred snakegreen snakeSNAKEred snakegreen snakepurple snake
Shook their 7,
Shiny shakers,
Scared 3 purple snapping turtles,
Solid shells were snake-tooth breakers...
Come and count the cool reptiles,
Swimming in the small lake's slime!
Makes a 10 every time!

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Math Challenges
If 7 snakes went to a birthday party and each brought 1 friend along, how many snakes would there be in total?
If there are 9 turtles on a rock, and 4 of them jump into the water, how many turtles would be left?
If each turtle has 6 dots on its shell, how many dots would there be on 4 turtles?

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adding to ten adding 7 + 3

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