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When daddy asked to marry mom,
She asked him for a ring,
Daddy rushed right to the mall,
To buy some real bling-bling!
Mommy opened up the box,
And much to her surprise,
She found a ring that was a
And tears came to her eyes…

(nobody wants a square ring!!!)
square ring

But square rings can be special too,
My dad told mom with pride,
rhombus is a special shape,
He turned
square to the side…
diamond ring
rhombus is a diamond too,
At least, it is, I think,
I know it’s
Like our kitchen sink!
Mom was filled with joyous joy,
And laughed a silly laugh,
I’ll marry you this very day,
You're so great at math!


A rhombus is a quadrilateral with four equal length sides.
A square is a rhombus that has 4 equal angles and 4 equal length sides
Every rhombus is a parallelogram.
Unlike the 'rhombus ring' in this poem, not all diamond shaped objects are rhombuses. The term diamond is sometimes used to describe shapes even if they don’t have equal length sides.

Math Challenges
If a rhombus has an angle of 60 degrees, what are the measures of all 4 angles of the rhombus?
Can a rectangle (with 2 sides of different lengths) be a rhombus?

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