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Reindeer Named Remainder


A reindeer named Remainder,
Followed me one day,
I showed her to my mom,
Let’s adopt it right away!
My reindeer named Remainder,
She was great at math,
Addition straight through algebra,
To graphing on a graph…
But when she tried division,
Things would go astray,
She made a bad decision,
Is what I have to say,

Divide 16 by 4,
A challenge I did give her,
Something happened in her mind,
She began to shake and quiver,
She said the quotient’s 4,
With remainder only 1,
I told her, “No remainder,
Just say 4, and then you’re done!”

Remainder couldn’t get it,
It wasn’t her best skill,
Do you think she’ll ever get it?
I’m so sure she surely will!

But for now division makes her,
Take her mind straight out to sea,
And she includes remainders,
Where remainders shouldn’t be…

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