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I know, my nose is polygonish,
So I have this oh-so fond wish...
That my nose had zero sides,
Round like wheels,
On long bike rides...
Round like skinny dinner plates,
Round like barbell's heavy weights,
No more polygon type nose,
No straight sides, I don't like those,
I wish a circle nose this year,
I hope you carve it round my dear,
I have 2 polygon shaped eyes,
A circle nose would quite surprise,
Trick or treaters all night long,
And scare them like a spooky song!

Math Challenges
A polygon is any closed shape made from straight lines. Can you draw a polygon with 3, 4, 5, and 6 sides?
What are the fewest number of sides a polygon can have?
How many squares can you make from the sides of 7 octagons?

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