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Pennies in My Pockets
(adding 5+5)

I have pockets on my pants,
And pennies in my pockets,
Pretty pennies in the pockets,
Of my
purple penny pants...
I need to have
10 pennies,
To do the penny dance,
So I want to have
10 pennies,
In the pockets of my pants...

One pocket in my pants,
5 pretty pennies,
How many do I need,
To do the penny dance?

5 more pennies?
Join me for the dance,
They're in the other pocket,
Of my
purple penny pants!!!

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Math Challenges
If it takes 5 pennies to equal a nickel, how many pennies does it take to equal 3 nickels?
If you have 13 pennies, how many do you need to give away before you have 10 pennies?
If you get 3 pennies a day for 6 days, how many pennies do you have?

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