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Octopus On a Dock
(adding 8 + 2)

Octopus with 8 legs,
Sat on a sandy dock,
Thinking having 10 legs,
Would really, really rock!
She called her friend,
A two-legged beast,
Who joined her on the dock,

She said sit here,
On my head,
Then we'll really rock!!!
We now have 8 plus 2 legs,
'Cause ten legs really rocks,
The only problem,
We might have,
Is where to find ten socks!!!

Math Challenges
How many legs would there be if there were 2 octopuses, and 2 seagulls sitting on a dock?
If an octopus is wearing 6 socks, how many of its legs do not have socks on them?
If socks cost 10¢ each, and the octopus has to buy 10 socks, how much will the total cost be?


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