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Nickels in the Sun
(a story in limerick style)


2 nickels swam in the deep ocean,
Two nickels relaxed on the beach,
Two nickels together were 10 cents,
How much were the 2 nickels each?

The nickels warmed up in the sunshine,
And played with some shovels and pails,
2 nickels met 3 more warm nickels,
And relaxed on their silvery tails…

nickel tailsnickel tailsnickel tailsnickel tailsnickel tails

How many nickels in total,
I think 2 and 3 add to 5,
Yes, 5 nickels were there at the seashore,
The happiest nickels alive!

How much were the 5 nickels worth?
The total, just what could it be?
So I skip-counted nickels by 5 each,
As I stood by the waves of the sea…

I counted by cool ocean water,
Behind a weathered wood fence...
How much did those nickels add up to?
1 quarter or 25 cents!


Math Challenges
How many nickels would it take to make the same amount of money as 2 quarters?
If a nickel is 5 cents and a dime is 10 cents, how many different ways can you combine them to make 25 cents?

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