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Nate the Fraction

Teacher grinned an evil grin,
And laughed an evil laugh,
Now we learn our fractions,
Cut a whole,
To get a half!
half an orange
Then she grabbed,
A magic wand,
And donned a big, black cape,
Cleared the clutter from her desk,
Except a roll of tape...
tape dispenser
I need a little volunteer,
To help me demonstrate,
The miracle of fractions,
She called on little Nate...
Nate stood in front of class,
She sat him on her desk,
"You can see,
Nate's one whole boy,
But we want a little less..."
Teacher danced a crazy dance,
And Nate began to rise,
He was floating in mid-air,
Before the students' eyes!
His classmates,
Sat there shocked,
But teacher grinned quite proudly,
Nate divided into halves,
Was screaming pretty loudly!
"These pieces are too large!!!"
Screamed teacher's evil shout,
She waved her wand,
Shook her hair,
Dancing all about...
Nate, he split again,
4 parts, he was afraid,
orange sliced into quarters
"I love quarters!"
Teacher yelled,
"They really make the grade!"
Nate tried a quick return,
Back to his wooden seat,
But teacher held him where he was,
Her job was not complete!
"Dont' dare change me to eighths!"
Screamed Nate's 4 poor-poor parts,
Teacher stared at little Nate,
Eyes piercing just like darts...
Would the students sit there?
They knew just what to do!
Saving Nate meant breaking rules,
They broke them wouldn't you?
They grabbed the teacher's wand,
And used their math-ly knowledge,
Divided teacher,
16 times,
They should have been in college!
His friends saved little Nate,
To end the teacher's curse,
Rushed his 4-poor pieces,
Right to the school's old nurse,
Nurse fixed-up little Nate,
Pieced him back together...
Now Nate’s one whole part,
And enjoys the sunny weather...
So if you get a teacher,
Who wears a big black cape,
You better watch yourself,
She might try to change your shape...

Math Challenges
If Nate's teacher cut Nate into thirds, and then divided each third by half two more times, how many parts would there be?
If the school nurse used 1 1/4 band-aids on each of Nate's 4 parts, how many band-aids did she use?

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