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My Dog Denominator

I know I was only a happy third-grader,
When we adopted our dog, Denominator...

She'd hide under things,
Don't ask me why,
Underneath things,
Or else she would cry...
Yes, being below,
Her favorite thing,
"Denominator on bottom!"
Is what she would sing...
Under the bed,
When I came home,

I called her,
She barked,
"Leave me alone!"
I tried, and tried,
To pull her right out,
Pulled on her tail,
Yanked on her snout!!!
One day I came home,
What did I see,
She'd braided her fur,
Into 303!
"Oh Denominator, Denominator,
You're so silly like that,"
I laughed,
And told her,
To put on a hat,
To hide the number,
She whimpered and cried,
Looked up at me,
Sad puppy eyes,
Poor puppie's pout,
"Denominator on bottom!!!"
Is what she did shout!

Math Challenges
If a denominator is the bottom number of a fraction, what is the top number called?
Close your eyes and try to spell the word 'denominator' out loud!

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