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My Dog Addition

I got a new dog,
Addition's his name,
He lives in the kitchen,
Eating's his game!

Once daily,
Adds to his weight,
Thinks all types of dog foods,
Are tasty and great...
He weighed in at 4 pounds,
But added
4 more,
8 pounds was the sum,
He couldn't squeeze out the door...

8 pounds?
Not so big!
So he added
8 more,
The sum was
He was growing galore!
I yelled,
16's enough!
"Don't grow any bigger!
Any more pounds,
Was too heavy to figure!

But he added again,
The sum was real bad,
16 + 16
I felt kind of mad...
32 pounds,
He looked like a hog,
Couldn't walk, or go swimming,
Or chase balls, or jog!!
Addition kept adding,
And putting on pounds,
Until his stomach did gurgle,
With groaning-type sounds!!!
Now Addition's so big,
It's just a sad fact,
I'll need dog, Addition,
To learn to subtract...

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Math Challenges
If my dog Addition weighed 32 pounds, and he lost 2 pounds a day for 3 days, how much did he weigh?
If my dog Addition weighed 32 pounds, and doubled his weight every day for 4 more days, how much did he weigh?
If my dog addition went to the movies with 5 dog friends and 3 humans, how many legs were in the movie theater?

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