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Multiply by Hen

henegg with a zero on itegg with a zero on itegg with a zero on it

When I was little, my big sister, Jen,
Tried teaching me multiplication by 10…
But I’d get them all wrong, again and again,
I really couldn’t multiply numbers by 10…
I tried and I tried, I was feeling so blue,
Frustration set in, what should I do?

My grandpa said, old hen can assist,
It might sound a bit strange, but you shouldn’t resist!
I laughed out loud, you and your tricks!
How can a hen solve math problems like this?

Go give hen a try,
You might be surprised,
Said grandpa with twinkles in both of his eyes…
So I took my math over,
Straight out to hen’s pen,
Looked at her, laughed, and laughed loud again,
This was really so silly, birds like our hen,
Don’t know any math! Especially multiplying by ten!

I wrote down a problem,
It was 10 x 5,
Now let’s see if our hen’s the smartest chicken alive!
Can our hen solve it?
Let’s wait and let’s see,
Can hens do my math? Nope, it just couldn’t be!

Hen grabbed my paper,
Hen grabbed my pad,
Wrote down a 5 and looked really glad,
Hen turned right around, and an egg was then laid,
Right after the 5,
What number was made?
This was real sweet, this was real nifty,
When I looked at the number it was certainly 50…
5egg with a zero on it

Math Challenges
You have 11 dimes, how many cents do you have?
If you eat 10 pieces of Halloween candy for 21 days in a row, how many pieces of candy have you eaten in all?
If there are 160 students in the auditorium, how many fingers are there in total?

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